Will non-discrimination laws create needless lawsuits and claims?


No. All people deserve to be treated equally under the law. Protecting everyone—including people who are gay or transgender—from discrimination is about treating others as we want to be treated. There simply has not been a notable increase in litigation in the states and cities that have already updated their non-discrimination laws to protect people who are gay or transgender. (Non-Discrimination Policies and Ordinances, HRC)

Phoenix has reported a low number of claims under its non-discrimination policy, which was updated in early 2013 to include sexual orientation and gender identity. The low number of claims may reflect several factors: high rates of compliance by employers, low levels of awareness by employees, and a community getting used to the idea that redress can now be sought for these types of claims. It is reasonable to expect that folks will continue to be reluctant to bring claims until the ordinance has been tested by others. Phoenix’s numbers show that people are not flooding the office with claims, but they don’t show that discrimination isn’t happening. Inclusive policies help us serve and protect citizens and attract top talent and companies to our communities.