Tourism is a BIG deal

Tourism is Arizona’s greatest export and one of the pillars of our economy.

Sadly, we’re missing out on opportunities to showcase and grow our industry because we can’t offer equal protections for all who come here.

Large conventions and national events generate hundreds of millions of dollars for the hosting city and region making competition to procure these events — and the abundance of revenue that they create — incredibly high.

Organizations like the NCAA, NBA and NFL are increasingly taking into consideration the laws and ordinances of host states and cities. Unfortunately, our lack of fully inclusive non-discrimination laws and ordinances means Arizona is constantly at a competitive disadvantage.

In fact, the second question on the NCAA’s new event questionnaire asks if a region’s non-discrimination laws apply to all persons. Sadly, Arizona has to answer, “no.” Further, only 10 locations in the country are eligible to host the Final Four, and 7 of those locations are already further inclusive, putting Arizona cites a further competitive disadvantage.

Diversity and inclusion are good for business.

Aside from generating hundreds of millions of dollars for our state, tourism gives us the opportunity to showcase the best that Arizona has to offer — from our beautiful climate, sweeping landscapes, and unique adventures.

If we want large conventions and national events to see us as the ideal destination, if we want families to visit and fall in love, and if we want to persuade businesses to bring their jobs to Arizona, we need to be open for business to everyone.

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