Discrimination is NOT an American value.

In over half of our nation, states current non-discrimination laws are not inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity, meaning it is still not illegal to fire someone, deny them housing, or refuse them service simply for who they are or who they love.

Discrimination is bad for business.

States that lack equal protections actively damage their economy’s competitiveness and ability to thrive. Learn more below about why these protections are so vital for our economic sustainability.

Improving Tourism


Tourism is one of America's biggest economic drivers. Sadly, states without LGBTQ+ inclusive equal protections miss out on opportunities to show and grow this economically impactful industry.

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Without an update to our statewide non-discrimination laws to protect all people, we risk additional discriminatory measures and legislation that will further damage our state’s reputation.

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Improving Economy

Attraction of Top Business

Our ability to build a thriving economy depends on our ability to attract and retain top business. We cannot afford to have discriminatory barriers in place to attracting the very best.

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Recruting Top Talent

Attraction of Top Talent

The fact that we are located in a state without fully inclusive laws puts technology companies at a significant competitive disadvantage when recruiting top talent.

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